Miranda's Marionettes Movie Trailer Released

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Miranda's Marionettes
Miranda's Marionettes
(LOS ANGELES, 101019) 'Miranda's Marionettes' trailer has been released by its writer and director, Hortense Lingjaerde (THE BLOOD OF A WOMAN). You can view the trailer via Vimeo @ http://vimeo.com/365221637. 'Miranda's Marionettes' is a "musical about a young puppeteer who finds a mentor who pushes her to strive in her creative world."

Hortense worked on the film as a MFA thesis for her recent USC School of Cinematic Arts graduation. 'Miranda's Marionettes' was filmed in Solvang and Los Angeles, California.

Local talent included Buellton resident Ricardo Soto (WHERE DREAMS REST) who played the Father for two days. "It was exciting to act in the local community at Solvang Festival Theater and Solvang Village Square," declared Soto.

Miranda is played by Lilli Passero (THE VOICE, BEAUTIFUL LOSER). Blanche is acted by SAG-AFTRA actress Linda Kerns (LES MISERABLES, TITANIC). Ivan is acted by SAG-AFTRA actor Allan Wasserman (BIG, COCKTAIL). Estelle is acted by SAG-AFTRA actress Natasha Tina Liu (SYNCHRONIC, COBRA KAI). Miranda's child is acted by SAG-AFTRA actress Cozy DesRoches (CODE_SWITCH, TIME'S UP). Mom is played by SAG-AFTRA actress Cheryl Dent (#1 CHEERLEADER CAMP, GETTIN' IT). Parent is acted by Erik Donovan (ALIENATED, ICE CREAM IN THE CUPBOARD).






Miranda's Marionettes tells the story of an unproven female puppeteer who seeks to redefine the status quo of storytelling. After she is fired from her puppeteer troupe, she is taken under the wing of Blanche, a street puppeteer who teaches her the true nature of her art form. With Blanche's help, Miranda trains to audition for a position at a new theatre where her voice will finally be able to be heard.


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