Fundraiser: Help Me Move to Mexico for 1 Year

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Me wearing my santa hat during the holidays with Letitia, Alyssa, and Ramee at Otis College of Art
Me wearing my santa hat during the holidays with Letitia, Alyssa, and Ramee at Otis College of Art
The intelligence community is attacking my brain with waves of invisible intelligence technology possibly by radio waves or via satellite as I type my story right now.

I have been the victim of the intelligence community, since 9/11.

My work has been hacked, disrupted, shut-down, having phone calls redirected to secret government rooms to perform psychological warfare on me, and websites defaced.

My education has been compromised with intelligence technology hacking my brain as I read to ruin my reading comprehension, and attack my hand / feet cartilage / capillaries until they are unable to move with pain. I have had to go to the emergency room three times within a week, because of the intelligence community abusing and torturing me.

You can read about my journal entries with detailed documentation of these attacks on me throughout the day, everyday at

The intelligence community has been attacking me, because I am a human rights activist, community organizer and former law school student.

The intelligence community has been making me hear voices after I spoke out a city council meeting regarding my cousin being shot and killed by police. I said the chief of police should be fired and now the intelligence community is trying to make me commit suicide, while continuing to silence me.

I want to travel to Mexico and write a book on these accounts along with a novel, theatrical script, as well as, screenplay.

I would like to have these funds for 2018, or by New Year's Day.

These funds will pay for my bills in the United States, while I am in Mexico away from the intelligence community, safe.

I will use these funds to pay for the entire 2018 year:

$3117 lendingclub
$2625 irs
$2400 credit cards
$1860 storage
$6000 rent
$3600 food
$500 air
$1440 nonprofit
$2400 s-corp
$300 corp
$1200 s-corp

I started a nonprofit, two s-corporations, and a corporation, but the intelligence community has been blocking website traffic making it look like I am a mobster, or terrorist all because I am speaking out against the intelligence community:

White House Order re Unjustified Killings

Intelligence Mobsters

Helmet Protection

Please help. I have filed a report with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and Department of Justice (DOJ), but have not heard back from them yet. I also submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with US Northern Command, which said I was not on any watchlists.

Please visit my GoFundMe campaign page to contribute at