Yay Nay PAC Releases Police-Involved Shootings Survey Results

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Yay Nay PAC
Yay Nay PAC
(Brentwood, CA--050922) Yay Nay PAC releases survey results to Police-Involved Shootings conducted by MultiTalent Management Consulting.

One-thousand (1000) responses were collected for each of ten questions asked, such as 'Do you believe in The Right to Life?' 69.5% answered YES they do believe in the right to life, whereas 19.5% said no, and 11% were undecided.

"The American people have spoken," declared Ricardo Soto, treasurer for Yay Nay PAC.

Another question asked, 'Are you disgusted of police-involved shootings?' 50.6% answered YES they are disgusted by police-involved shootings, while 29.1% said no, and 20.3% were undecided.

Fifty-six (56) district attorneys are up for re-election in 2022 in California. Sheriffs are up for re-election as well (check your county elections).

Yay Nay PAC
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