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MultiTalent Management (MTM) incorporated in the state of Wyoming on Friday, November 22, 2013. MultiTalent Management Incorporated has filed with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as an S corporation.

MultiTalent Management Incorporated has created and developed the following working prototypes into businesses:

About PublicistWire
PublicistWire is an innovative public relations service that incorporates press release writing, press release distribution and follow-up on press releases as a publicist would to get the word out about your company. For further information visit

About The Journal for Innovation
The Journal for Innovation specializes in researching innovative ideas, methods, strategies, opportunities and technologies from world class industry leaders. This valuable intellectual capital targets the innovative elite via articles and case studies. For further information visit

About MultiTalentBank (MTB)
MultiTalentBank (MTB), began as an intern working directly with the Sr. Consultant to IMG who led the Paris and London offices for IMG Artists. Currently, managing proven talent and marketing them via sponsorship-endorsement-licensing deals as the newest behind-the-scenes power broker within the sports & entertainment industries. For further information visit

About GlobalClosers
GlobalClosers is an award-winning Web Design & Online Marketing boutique consultancy focused on improved ROI conversions. Our Online Marketing Consultants specialize in maximizing web traffic through web design, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and publicity campaigns. Online conversion rates are then enhanced through multivariable testing (MVT), such as web site optimization. Clients are based in Ontario, Canada and across the United States (Arizona, California, Indiana, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia). Enhanced web development and software programming is available for outsourced projects via affiliated companies based in the UK, India, Canada and here in the US. For further information visit

About MultiTalent Management Executive Search
Executive search specializing in Online Marketing, Sales & Marketing, as well as, Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) industries. For further information visit

Directors and Executive Officers
Rick Soto, 40, Director, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Rick Soto is a director and our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Soto received a bachelors of science in business administration degree from Capella University. He has over 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship and communications. He is a lifetime member of Cambridge Who's Who. He has been honored by Empire Who's Who, as well as, Lexington Who's Who. He has been instrumental in taking the business to its present scale.

MultiTalent Management Incorporated issued 250,000,000 common stock / shares to its founder, Rick Soto.

"I look forward taking MultiTalent Management prototypes to the next level," declared Rick Soto.

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